Our Projects

Student Engagement Research Group (SERG) is newly found research group under institute of Graduate and Applied Sciences at Cyprus International University (CIU). The SERG team members research, evaluate, and develop programs pertaining to Student Engagement. The current projects reveals new trends on topics pertaining to the student behaviours engagement, as well as Gamified learning, blended learning, flipped clasroom, Evidence-based teaching practices, social analytics and learning Analytics in general. These projects aim at improving learning outcomes through orgaanizing training, semainars, syposium on current trend in educational technology, partnership with institutions,  stakeholders, educators and meeting the new generation educational needs.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mueser C. Nat (Coordinator) 

Instructor Development in respect to Classroom Management using Gamifiication 

Vanye Zira Vanduhe

Ph.D., 2018

He is working  on gamification for instructor training with blended learning environment in higher education. He aims at Learning Management Platforms that could be gamified for instructor training. These include:

  • designing gamification training environment using game elements, game principles and theories and game mechanics.
  • fostering engagement, participation, collaboration and motivation in employee professional development and training using gamification
  • also designing MOODLE for instructor training in university 

Evidence-based Practices to Improve Classroom Engagement

Hasan Fahmi Hasan

Ph.D., 2017

He is working  on Evidence–Based Practice in teaching and learning with blended learning environment in higher education. He aims at exploiting Evidence-Based Practice and range of technologies that could be used to support a range of educational purposes. These include:

  • the use of technology to support flexibility and widened access to the curriculum.
  • the ability to engage students in a variety of ways in their learning, supporting appropriate assessment and feedback for students, supporting students’ skills development and professional practice through virtual environments.
  • Behavioral engagement is a key condition supporting academic achievement, (i.e. something we can observe to infer students’ persistence, effort, attention, participation, and involvement).
  • Behavioral engagement can be observed when students contribute to classroom discussion, attend to an academic task, and demonstrate they are listening to teacher instruction.


Learning Analytics

Oluwajana Dokun


Social learning Analytics

Adeleye Idowu