Our Team

Assist. Dr. Muesser C. Nat

Project Manager (mnat@ciu.edu.tr)

Her specialties and experiences include:
E-learning/Online learning - E-learning systems, Adaptive/personalized learning, Integration of ICT and internet technologies into education, Learning styles and strategies, Design and development of learning environments, LMS (Moodle, LAMS, Blackboard, Captivate, Articulate). Lecturing/teaching/training – Computer science, Information technologies, Internet and Web technologies, LMS, CMS.  Project management – Training/Teaching Programs, Website design and development projects, completing research project on time and agreeing deadlines.  She is willing to transfer her knowledge and skills from academic and research experiences to other business sectors. Specialties: Teaching, Lecturing, e-Learning, Online learning environment, Adaptive learning, Self-regulate learning, CMS, LMS, Moodle, Research.


Vanye Zira Vanduhe

Gamification and Training  (vvanduye@ciu.edu.tr)

His specialties and experience:

Gamification (gamification design and implementation), gamified instructor training, design and implementation of MOODLE LMS as well as MOODLE gamification.  notwithstanding data mining and integrating technology into education and training. I got my Bsc  Accounting in Kwararafa University, Wukari, formerly Wukari Jubilee University, earn MSc. in Management Information Systems in Cyprus International University, then i got enrolled for PhD program in Management Information Systems in Cyprus International University, am currently a research student.

Hasan Fahmi Hasan

Evidence- Based Learning Practise (hasanhasan@ciu.edu.tr)

As a qualification, I have got my B. Sc. degree in Salahaddin University-College of Engineering-Department of Software engineering. Formerly, I was head of Computer Engineering department in Ministry of Finance and Economy (2009 - 2012). Further study, I earned my M.Sc. degree on Engineering Management in Cyprus International University - Cyprus - Turkey (2012-2014). In September of 2014, I started with my Ph.D. degree up to date in Cyprus International University-Cyprus - Turkey. My research field, concentrate on Engineering Management, E-Learning, E-Governance and using Information Technology to improve Teaching and Learning.

Oluwajana Dokun Iwalewa

Learning Analytics (ooluwajana@ciu.edu.tr)

His specialize on:

Learning analytics in LMS or other learning platforms, as well as computer networks in which he base on antennas. Also, web design,  design and implementation of learning environment. He got his MSc Management Information Systems in Cyprus International University and currently a PhD student in same department and same institution.

Idowu Adeleye

Social Learning Analytics (aidowu@ciu.edu.tr)

He specialize on:

Mobile learning, and using social media to increase engagement in learning environment, notwithstanding;

  • Performs routine laboratory and equipment maintenance
  • Documentations
  • Assists with research projects; performs independent research; plans, designs and implements research projects;
  • Compiles processes and analyzes data; records research procedures and results; files and maintains records; codes data for input for electronic data processing; inputs and retrieves data using computers.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Project document preparation & handling
  • LAN/WAN design, administration & support
  • System configuration & administration (data, voice & network infrastructure)
  • System & software analysis recommendation plus implementation
  • Proposals & SLAs review & evaluation
  • Liaison between 3rd party ICT providers
    Research, analysis & recommendation: ICT solutions.

He had his Bsc Banking and finance in Covenant University, Msc Management INformation system in Cyprus International University and currently a PhD student in same institution and same department.