News and Events

Meeting Five

General discussion and suggestion on the project:

  •  need to prepare document on the website: The materials, files, hosting cost and other expenses
  • Finding a way to direct them to use the AVATAR by suggesting list of avatar to them.
  • Indicator of intention on how to use the AVATAR. Maybe at the beginning of the course, we might add some avatar for the user or after user login page we direct them to avatar. before they check- in if moodle will allow you to create AVATAR

Meeting Four

General discussion on the project:

  • Design the website for the project the project 
  • The implementation and trials on Moodle (practical aspect)
  • to expand on the gamification, more explanation on Paradiso, moodle and LMS, also working on grading system on gamification in Moodle
  • considering using LESSON TOOL to create chapters and to follow the process such as Storytelling, storyboarding etc
  • Planning on discussing with one or two lecturers that can work on curriculum in department of education
Meeting Three

General discussion on the project:

  • Discuss on how evidence-based learning practices EBM(stage 2 and 3) be implemented into flipped classroom
  • How we can integrate social media (WhatsApp)into LMS environment using MOODLE
  • list the entire gamification program for moodle in order to improve student engagement
  • Expand behavioural engagement and clearly specify how to measure behavioural engagement that is how we can measure behavioural engagement (online or f2f)
  • Research on how to convert moodle to gamification tool

Meeting Two

General discussion on the project:

  • Name the group as PROJECT SEngagement
  • work on stage two(Post, teach, review e.t.c) and three (Active, engage e.t.c) of evidence based practices
  • Get all document on evidence based learning practices, summarize whatever you find and write it down(google drive)
  • We should clarify the difference between course management and classroom management.
  • Find out about the use of gamification on Moodle, summarize whatever you find and write it down
  • Also, we can extend the project (course management training) to other universities outside Cyprus (Cihan university Iraq) maybe we can train teacher and measure student engagement in the classroom or we install moodle that can be accessed by both universities(CIU and Cihan university) and we measure engagement using flipped classroom.
Meeting One

General discussion on the project:

  • What are the elements/ aspects of teaching are we discussing on (Curriculum) in classroom management
  • check if evidence-based practices is good for university also check if it is related to student engagement
  • What kind of analytics we are going to used to measure student engagement
  • Check if the Staff training might be in two languages(Turkish/ English)
  • Analysis of course data, instructor and student learning analytics